brennie brackett


Brennie Brackett has been faithful to the pastel medium for nearly 20 years. The immediacy and brilliant colors natural to the pastel medium are a perfect fit for the range of emotions and interpretations she brings to life through her subject matter. A mix of still life and animal subject matter tell stories that are exquisitely beautiful, real and intriguing.

A remarkable mastery of the pastel medium combined with an ability to tap into the mystery and inner secrets of her subjects is brought to life in her work. Brennie’s still lifes take their cues from the world that surrounds her bringing with them the suggestion of a peaceful state of mind and a quietness of spirit. They often reflect nostalgic elements and touch on some childhood memory. The work seeks not to teach or convey a message but allow the viewer a moment to pause, reflect, and interpret the patterns, rhythms, and rich blending of nature’s palette.

You are invited to explore her gallery of sample work. Please feel free to contact the artist for information on availability of original works and limited edition giclee prints.

Brennie will be participating in Marin Open Studio, May 12th and 13th, 2018 from 10 am until 5 pm. Please be sure to come by and see what is fresh off of the easel and review earlier pastel paintings and giclee prints at reduced prices.





Pastel, 23 x 23”

Studio Address: 7 South Ridgewood Road, Kentfield, CA.

Email:    Ph: (415) 328-8237